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Pictures Fade Away, But Memories Forever

Feb. 3rd, 2007 05:06 pm The Limbeck Band - Myspace Bulliten


it's a beautiful Saturday.. and Jonny Phillip is back in Southern California. Life is gooood.
we practiced a few times this week after a month or two of well-deserved break time (at least in my opinion). and we're playing TODAY in San Diego @ UCSD Price Center. It's a benefit for Lebanese & Israeli war victims. we're gonna be jamming out. then there's gonna be a DJ. All for a good cause!!

And before I get to the ridiculously HUGE list of tour dates we've got runnin', i'll say a few things about our plans in the near future:

we have a CD SINGLE that will be available on the upcoming BIG DRAG TOUR through Feb/March over to SXSW, for the song "Big Drag". It also includes a B-Side from the album session, as well as a newly recorded version of "Home (Is Where The Van Is)", because we like that song a lot. You'll be able to check out the songs very soon (VALENTINE'S DAY) via a stream on some nice websites. And a quick note.. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FREE INSTORE SHOWS we'll be doin on the BIG DRAG TOUR. we'll be in a rare form, with fun instruments, and we may even be RECORDING THE SHOWS for future release. so you could be there, and yell out, "WOAH I"M HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME I CAN"T EVEN TAKE IT!" and then you'll be able to pick up the recording of the show later, and laugh at yourself. it's a WIN-WIN situation.

After SXSW we plan to do a music video (or three).

Then we meet up with Hot Rod Circuit & The Forecast for a tour of the States & a bit of Canada in support of OUR REALLY GOOD NEW RECORD THAT'S COMING OUT ON APRIL 10. That's right. Our new record comes out on April 10. It's self-titled... and includes a bunch of songs that you've probably never heard us play before. Pretty cool. It was produced by Ed Rose at the Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, Kansas.. and includes nice guests like "Spacey" Casey Prestwood, and horns and strings! The artwork is taken care of the wonderful Mr. Jesse LeDoux, who has done great art for the Shins and Elliot Smith, and more! We've got more good stuff planned, but I don't wanna overdo it.

Ok... so here are the TOUR DATES:


02/03 La Jolla, CA @ UCSD - Price Center

02/21 Santa Barbara, CA @ UCSB - HUB

02/22 Long Beach, CA @ Fingerprints - Instore! (time TBA)

02/23 Murrieta, CA @ Monte Vista School

02/24 Tucson, AZ @ Plush

02/25 Tempe, AZ @ Zia Records - Instore! (5PM!!)

02/26 Bountiful, UT @ Graywhale Record Exchange - Instore! (time TBA)

02/28 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ the Only Children

03/01 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Underground

03/02 Madison, WI @ Orpheum Stage Door

03/03 Milwaukee, WI @ Exclusive Company - Instore! @ 3PM

03/03 Milwaukee, WI @ Mad Planet

03/05 St Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl

03/06 Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar

03/07 Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks

03/08 Dayton, OH @ The Nite Owl

03/10 Norman, OK @ Univ. of Oklahoma (free show)

03/13 Little Rock, AR @ Juanita's w/ As Tall As Lions, Dear Hunter, Keating

03/14 Tulsa, OK @ King of Clubs w/ As Tall As Lions, Dear Hunter, Keating

03/15-03/18 AUSTIN, TX @ SXSW - Details Soon to come

more to be announced soon...


04/04 Buffalo, NY @ Club Infinity

04/05 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop

04/06 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick

04/07 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean

04/08 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity

04/09 Ames, IA @ Maintenance Shop

04/11 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre

04/12 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound

04/13 Boise, ID @ The Venue

04/14 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

04/15 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre

04/17 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill

04/18 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

04/19 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour

04/20 San Diego, CA @ Soma

04/21 Tempe, AZ @ the Clubhouse

04/23 Austin, TX @ Emos

04/24 Dallas, TX @ the Door

04/25 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live

04/27 West Palm Beach, FL @ Rays

04/28 Orlando, FL @ the Social

04/29 Tampa, FL @ Orpheum

05/01 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade

05/02 Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle

05/03 Charlottesville, VA @ Starr Hill

05/04 Philadelphia, PA @ Northstar Bar

05/05 East Rutherford, NJ @ BAMBOOZLE

05/06 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground

05/08 Toronto, CAN @ El Mocambo

05/09 Ottawa, CAN @ Café Dekcuf

05/10 Montrea, CANl @ Club Lambi

05/11 South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

05/12 Boston, MA @ Middle East

if you got this far, thanks for checkin' it all out.

and if for some CRAZY UNGODLY reason we're not playing your city, don't sweat,
we'll be touring again soon.







ps. you can be good to us by telling yer friends.
we're so grassroots, we have to mow our OWN LAWN.

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May. 12th, 2006 02:29 am MY LJ

My journal is mainly friends only, unless I have something to post that I think anyone and everyone should read.

To become my friend post in this post and I'll accept or deny you. Usually accept. Unless I think you're a pedofile...then I'll deny you.



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May. 3rd, 2006 04:17 am Emo

This whole "emo" thing is really bugging me. No one at my school really knows what emo is. They think it's just a depressed goth type person. Well it's not. And no one knows what emo music is either.

"Emo" is not short for "Emotional." "Emo" does not mean Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional, despite what MTV has lead you to believe in the last few years. "Emo" is not sidebangs, tight pants, and male vocalists who sing like little girls about their failed relationships. "Emo" is not the use of diluted, meaningless metaphors and similes such as "My arms are like pinecones," and most definitely is not the rampant use of words such as "autumn," "heart," "knife," "bleeding," "leaves," and "razorblade."

I just thought I'd clear that up after all of these "definitions" in which I have encountered an unbelievable amount of people who try to pass off their blatantly false pretenses as fact, and are slowly infecting others with their high-horse, holier-than-thou bullshit. Because honestly, with your ridiculous definitions, Beethoven, George Gershwin, and Britney Spears are/was "emo bands."

Now, onto the real definition.

In the early 90s there was a movement in the hardcore genre that came to be known as "Emotive Hardcore," spearheaded by Rites Of Spring. Harder-core-than-thou kids, who swore by Dischord Records a la Minor Threat, actually coined the term "Emo" as something of a put-down for the kids who really liked Rites Of Spring, Indian Summer and this new wave of "Emotive" Hardcore bands. That's right, "Emo" was once not something kids called themselves. The field exploded outwards from there - Level-Plane Records has always been the most famous Emo label. Acts like Yaphet Kotto, I Hate Myself, Saetia, Hot Cross, A Day In Black And White, Funeral Diner, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You, You And I, and hosts of others came in the next decade. Most emo bands have since broken up, but there's still the occasional hold-out (again, the majority of Level-Plane Records' roster has been a procession of emo acts). Like most DIY hardcore/punk of the time, a majority found its way onto vinyl and not much else. Some people consider bands like Fugazi, and later Sunny Day Real Estate, a progression of emo, but personally, I don't quite follow that philosophy.

Often, more recently, this gets intertwined with post-hardcore, and understandably so - that's nothing to make an issue of, since well shit, at least it's close.

Since the late 90s, though, bands have been emerging in the vein of Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, and the thousands of their clones. As far as I can tell, some lazy journalist somewhere, writing an article about them, decided "Well, fuck, no one knows what emo is anyways, so I'll call these bands "emo" - sounds more appealing than bubblegum pop rock..." and the spiral continued downwards into the current amalgomation of bands MTV has told everyone is "emo."

Somehow, people decided that "emo" meant "emotional," which is obviously bullshit, as 99% of bands make music to illicit emotion, which would make "emotional" a completely all-encompassing genre from classical to opera to pop to rap.

Thank you Chelsea from urbandictionary.com

And I must say that I liked this definition by far the best, even though it's really not a good definition of emo whatsoever.

the type of music you listen to when, try as you might, you cannot get laid..and cry about it..

Thank you Peter from urbandictionary.com

Okay, just thought I'd clear that up.

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